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Autor Thema: Bing 1 /22/ 28 for Sale  (Gelesen 245 mal)

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Bing 1 /22/ 28 for Sale
« am: 30 April 2020, 14:02:17 »

This Bing Carb was fitted to my R25 May 1951 ( 2371xx) when I bought it in 1966. I used the motorcycle for a few months, prior to a top to bottom rebuild and 'play about ' with the engine. The Bing then went in drawer. As I will certainly not use it .I offer for sale on this forum as opposed to eBay. I have subscribed to this Forum for perhaps 10 years now, and often put up, posts or try to answer questions.

The details are below

Bing 1/22/28 as fitted to May 1951 R25.
Main Jet 1208
 “”       “”  100
Float  11 g.
Pilot 45
Needle Standard

There is a New top, threaded seal ring, and cable adjustment screw. and some other small parts, all the jets and float are as fitted original. It will need a float chamber top gasket. One of the screw holes on top of the float chamber has a thin metal shim insert to secure the fixing screw. That was in situ when I purchased the machine

Though clean, I would advise the new owner to clean all parts themselves, especially the Air filter.

The price includes Royal Mail Parcel Post to Europe, Euro 425.00

Payment by PayPal.

If you are interested send me a P.M.
I will reply and request your address, also providing mine.

If I receive more than 1 request I will answer all, then select 1 at random after 2 weeks, and that person has the oppetunity to purchase.

Robert Freeman


BMW Einzylinder-Forum

Bing 1 /22/ 28 for Sale
« am: 30 April 2020, 14:02:17 »


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