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Hi all,
I would like to start a new thread; it's raining so can't go out and play.
Also we are waiting here for president Bush to arrive and the local authorities closed down all the roads here for that happy occassion.... ::)

The idea of the thread is to give some ideas and pictures of home made tools, used in the restoration of our bikes.
The tools must be simple; in general a piece of metal, a dril, a saw, a file and a welding machine should be sufficient to create it.

I'll start with an overview picture on what I have made over the years.

Anyone have nice things to add?




an example of a very simple one.

This advanced piece of equipment  ;D is used as a puller for the cam-shaft

The M8 bolt goes in the front of the cam-shaft The metal piece lays flat on the engine casing.

Haven't got a picture of this magnificent piece in action; The cam-shaft is already in the engine... :)



In the same series simple&brown
The "Hacken Schlussel" to tighten the exhaust nut and the tool to loosen the bolts of the rear swing

Again, made from a piece of metal, using only a saw and a file.
In the case of the Hacken Schlussel, I could compete with the current governor of California in a biceps contest after I was done filing... ;D

These tools were made some 25 or so years ago when I was still a student and didn't want / didm't have money to spend on expensive tools



Hi Ser,
this is a really good idea! Maybe someone is able to add some drawings (with dimensions) or photos of some other easy tools together with a short description of their purpose .
As your example of the compression-tool for the spring strut  (R26/27) in the screensaver shows, the tools often don't have to be that complicated as the original ones.

I'm looking forward for some more contributions.




Oerlov thanks..
don't bother to answer in english on my messages; I can read german very well (only writing is a major issue  :-[)

Next in my tool series, my all-time favorite; CD-player
Didn't even need a saw or file to create it... ;)

CD-player is a tool used to check the settings of the timing chain on the cam-shaft.
There is also an entry with pdf files on that tool in the following thread


this was also my 100 th entry...yipee


one more in the simple&brown series

This time the flywheel puller. The only problem with this one was finding the special threaded bolts as used on the R26. (I believe R25 and older has standard metric R26/27 used fine metric)
I found these in a car-twin (700cc) engine.

The second picture also shows two new-comers in the simple&brown series; the flywheel blockers But I have another entry for those.



The last tools in the simple&brown series; the flywheel blockers

These are used on multiple occassions; pulling the flywheel, mounting the flywheel and mounting the clutch.

Again, only metal, saw,file and welding machine..



almost forgot one in the simple&brown series...the engine/gearbox stand

With this attached to gearbox or engine casing you can mount the object to work on stable in a vice.
The bottom part is made of a one inch pipe so you can fix the gearbox or engine in any possible angle in the vice.



The following tools are not from the simple&brown series
A special tool is needed to make them; in this case a lathe (Drehbank? auf Deutsch?). A friend of mine has that equipment.

In the picture you see the centering tool for the clutch friction plate and the clutch spring tensioners.

Pictures say more then words


two more pictures of the clutch centering and tension tools.



another tool made by my friend with the "Drehbank"

a multiple purpose tool used for:
- installing valve guides in the cylinder head
- pussing the piston pin in the piston
- installing the chrome tubes in the cylinder for the valve push-rods

diameters change across the tool depending on what it is used for.



another one in the series simple&brown.
But this one is made of alluminum, so it can never be the correct color  ;)

This tool is made from an old gearbox cover.
The bearing seat is sanded out with sand paper so the bearing slides in easily (no crimp fit)
The tool is used to set-up the final-drive-shaft and gear selectors

Again, no special tools are needed to make this; only saw, file and sandpaper in this case.



The last in my series

as Oerlov mentioned before, the front-fork spring dissassembly tool for R26/27

also one in the category simple&brown

Well, now let's see if someone has anything nice to add

@karl do you have sufficient room on the drive??  ;D



Was nicht passt, wird kaputt gemacht...


Hi Ser,

ebenfalls :respekt: und eine gute Idee das! Manchmal kommt man ja einfach nicht darauf (daß es auch "einfach" geht...)

...ich habe sogar ein paar Werkzeuge in "verysimple & lightbrown" (Holz!) ;D.
Das Werkzeug zum Getriebe justieren (Antwort #11) sieht z.B. so aus:

Anselm S(perrholz geht machmal auch...)
I never dared to be radical when young.
For fear it would make me conservative when old. (Robert Frost)


Hallo Ser,
very helpful your tools. :applaus:
@Karl, das wäre doch was für die Rubrik 'Tips und Tricks'
Gruss  Peter
Am Sichersten ist die Unfreiheit


@ Peter:

Hello Peter,

yes indeed, splendid idea! I was thinking about it but I need at first to ask Ser for a permission ...

@ Ser:

Hello Ser,
May I use your pictures for this website? (Of course I will place all copyright-things and a link to your site) ....

Thanks a lot,
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no problemo

How do you like my spanish? Almost as good as my german... ;D

I would wait a bit though; there could be other stuff coming.
As a comment on this subject I recieved an idea on how to make other cheap tools
Have to gather some materials and then I start working on that.

Copyright info is not needed and this stuff is not on the dutch mono-site (yet)



a bit quit here, so add something myself
Perhaps a bit off-topic since it is not a specific tool for a single.
I only added it to give an idea that a tool doesn't have to be expensive

This one is used when adjusting carburetors on a twin, provided they have a vaccuum connection (mine always have  ;D)
The regular of the shelf vaccuum gauges would be 50 or more euro's (95 euro at Wuedo's)

It's a home made vaccuum measurement device.
The tubes come from the local pet-shop (aquarium tubing) and they are filled with regular motor-oil.
Absolute vaccuum measurement is not needed when setting up these carburators, only equal vaccuum is important.
The dial gauge as on mine is useless and for fun and giggles only.
If a dial gauge is used, an oil-dampned type should be used. (mine isn't)

Still hoping for other tools and ideas to surface



a slightly modified version of the above tool.
The MK2-rev2 isn't it great...
The blue tubing goes on the vaccuum connection of the carb. The inner diameter of the blue part is roughly 6mm.

The other tool in the picture (the red one in the lower left corner) is a special when things don't work as planned... >:(



Hi Ser,
dieses rote Spezialtool habe ich auch und heute mindestens 10 Minuten benutzt, nachdem ich festgestellt habe, dass die Einstellschraube des el. Reglers an meiner R26 den Geist aufgegeben hat und der Regler reif für den Schrott ist . Danach ging's mir deutlich besser!  :box2:
Gruss  Peter
Am Sichersten ist die Unfreiheit


Darf man auch Werkzeuge vorstellen, die es noch gar nicht gibt, aber die man gerne hätte ;)?

Das Plastikmodell im Bild zeigt ein Werkzeug, das es ermöglicht bei R26/27 Kardan und Hinterradantrieb abzuschrauben ohne zuvor irgendwas anderes wie Schwinge, Kotflügel, Getriebe/Motor demontieren zu  müssen!

Es wird an der Hardyscheibe seitlich eingeführt. Nach Lösen der Nutmutter lassen sich Kardanwelle und Radantrieb einfach nach hinten rausziehen.

Das könnte doch was für Harry Hirsch seine "Laserblechstanztechnik" sein... :Frage:

Anselm T(ooltime)
I never dared to be radical when young.
For fear it would make me conservative when old. (Robert Frost)


I believe this could work to get the crown-nut untightend.
But remember this one is really tight so the tool must be able to handle a lot of force

But I don't think you can get the Mitnehmerflansch (what's the word for that in english??? Had to look it up in stemler's drawings...) out without taking the gearbox out of the frame.
A special tool (Matra 422A, no regular puller) is needed to get the Flansch loose. and that won't fit if the gearbox is still in the frame



Zitat von: sjeuf12 am 03 Juni 2005, 00:02:20

But I don't think you can get the Mitnehmerflansch (what's the word for that in english???

Gute Frage! "Driving plate" oder "driven plate" würde ich das nennen. Stimmt das?
Alt werden ist unausweichlich, erwachsen werden optional...


hitchhykerplate (on the wild side)?
ansonsten hat Ser recht, wie willst du den rest blockieren, im eingebauten Zustand? Sonst von der Idee her nicht schlecht, trotzdem ;D
Rolf V(elvet)


Zitat von: rolf am 03 Juni 2005, 09:04:49
hitchhykerplate (on the wild side)?

42! (Auf jeden Fall weiß ich, wo mein Handtuch ist!)  ;D
Alt werden ist unausweichlich, erwachsen werden optional...


@ EMM:  Hast du noch einen Babelfish übrig? Den könnte ich evtl. hier im Forum einbauen; würde sich bestimmt nützlich machen  ;)
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@Karl: Nö, meiner bleibt wo er ist: im linken Ohr!  ;)
Alt werden ist unausweichlich, erwachsen werden optional...


ZitatA special tool (Matra 422A, no regular puller) is needed to get the Flansch loose

Hi Ser,

nein, du brauchst keinen Abzieher für den Flansch am Kardan!
Der hat Innenverahnung und ist nur lose aufgesteckt.

Der Matra 422A ist für den Flansch auf der anderen Seite (am Getriebe).

Also ich denke, daß man das irgendwie hinkriegt:
Bremse treten oder zusätzliche Stange zwischen die Mitnehmerzapfen wurschteln..
So sonderlich fest ist diese Mutter bei mir nie gewesen. Muß sie ja auch nicht.
Im Gegensatz zu der Mutter am Getriebeflansch,  die ist fest  (und soll auch)!

In der Rep.-Anl. steht "drive flange"

I never dared to be radical when young.
For fear it would make me conservative when old. (Robert Frost)



I just (re)found this HP with some nice selfmade tools  may be not known to all here:



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