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Autor Thema: Advice for installing a Sidecar Steib S-350 in my BMW R27 (1963)  (Gelesen 571 mal)

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Hello !!

I ask for your help, since I'm a bit lost with the installation of a Sidecar Steib S-350 to my BMW R27 (1963)

The one I love the most is the S-350 model, I know it's for top-class more of 350cc models and my motorbike is 250cc, but it's the one I like the most.

My doubts are:    :schrauber: :schrauber:

-- Where to buy it (I have seen replicas in Poland and Hungary) at more competitive prices than the German replicas.

-- What type of connectors or adapter frames do I need ??

-- Will I lose a lot of speed with that sidecar ??

The sidecar is for short distance use only !!

No long trips and only exhibitions !!

I need to make any modifications on my BMW R27 to be able to put the sidecar (change gears, suspensions, etc ...) ??

Greetings to all from Spain and I hope for your advice and help
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Re: Advice for installing a Sidecar Steib S-350 in my BMW R27 (1963)
« Antwort #1 am: 05 Januar 2019, 13:32:22 »


Not a boy, but anyway.

In order to attach the sidecar at all you will need to get an auxiliary frame that has to be bolted to the frame...the R27 has been rolled out without the connectors by default.

If you just ride the bike plus empty sidecar 50m from the trailer tp the exhibition and back no  additional changes need to be done to the bike IMHO.

In case you would like to ride further down the road or even take a passenger with you you will have to go the full nine yards.... different rear wheel drive bevel vear/ crown wheel suitable for sidecar use, appropriate speedo .. and yes, this case you loose noticeable top speed...but otherwise you won't be able to enjoy the sidecar at all...

Have fun, Taz
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Re: Advice for installing a Sidecar Steib S-350 in my BMW R27 (1963)
« Antwort #2 am: 05 Januar 2019, 13:42:52 »


I was just visiting Rabenbauer's web page searching for parts and recalled having read something about an S350 for sale - yes, he's offering one right now, allegedly new, price 3790€ (see for scarce additional information) - and once you have bought it only needs to get down to Spain.

Good luck, Morag 
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Re: Advice for installing a Sidecar Steib S-350 in my BMW R27 (1963)
« Antwort #4 am: 12 Januar 2019, 14:55:15 »

Hola José Manuel:
También hay un ejemplar de esa combinación por aquí:
Por lo tanto seguro que es posible...
Saludos desde Freiburg
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