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Autor Thema: Next Project....Advice needed on R4's  (Gelesen 799 mal)

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Lindsay Young

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Next Project....Advice needed on R4's
« am: 10 Oktober 2018, 22:18:12 »

Hi Guys,

Having finished restoring my R26, I need a bit of advice on my next project. I don't know very much about BMW single cylinders other than the R26/R27 but I have seen and fallen in love with the R4's. In saying that I am having great difficulty even finding one in the UK. There is one restored R4 that I have found but they want over €16,000! (is this the current market value for these machines?)

Are they any easier to find in Europe and would you even recommend doing one as a project? I see you get a model R4/1 through to R4/5. Which model of the five would you recommend going for?

If not an R4, what other BMW model of that era would you recommend looking for?

Thanks, Lindsay
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Next Project....Advice needed on R4's
« am: 10 Oktober 2018, 22:18:12 »


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Re: Next Project....Advice needed on R4's
« Antwort #1 am: 11 Oktober 2018, 09:42:48 »

You will not find a UK registered from New R4. the Importers AFN ltd, London Rd Isleworth Middlesex, did not bring any BMW's into the UK till mid 1935, and then only Twins, the earliest was an R11 in June 1935. Th only singles pre-war were 5 x R23 and that was July /August 1939
I went to look at one for research a couple of weeks ago at Caster Castle collection ( now closed till May 2019 ). all 5 were sold be the same Dealer chain, 3 in Oxford and 2 in Manchester. I have the original owner and his address for the one in the collection.

It was sold in the 3rd week of august 1939, then I imagine a month later hidden in the loft for 5 years

My Father had an R5, bought new and he rode it throughout the War. My parents told tale of always being 'stopped' by 'Dad's Army' checkpoints, The Home Guard, as suspected invasion forces.
No R35's were ever imported and sold, so be careful if offered an original  UK Reg 1938-9 R35


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Re: Next Project....Advice needed on R4's
« Antwort #2 am: 11 Oktober 2018, 11:44:19 »

a serie 5....it is hard to find parts for the  R4.....the lower the Serie....harder
I have (in parts) a R 4 Serie 5
If you want to buy.....pay attention of the original parts...especially the "fork" and the odometer....mostly the have now the parts of the following models (R 35)

For a original "fork" and the "Walzentacho including shell...if you can get it (very rare)....rounabout 2000-3000€ for the fork and the same for the Lampshell + odometer

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