R25/3 Tool Door Gasket

Begonnen von KillerTux, 12 August 2016, 22:06:25

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I noticed my R25/3 side tool door does not have a gasket around the door. I compared it to a R50/2 gas tank, which has a metal support edge for the gasket. Does anyone have a photo of the door to compare?



there is no gasket and i am sure it it not needed.
regards, mek  :bike:
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You could simply fill the groove around the compartment with black silicone-sealing (DIY-Store), then put some wrapping film over it
and carefully close the lid one time, but not totally. Let's say just almost close, lacking 1 mm or so.
Then open the lid again and let the sealing dry.
This way it will have a certain 'tension', when closed and locked, to press the lid against the sealing and prevent from water coming in.
Last step is to remove/cut away the overlapping film.
Think outside the box !

† odeon8

Hi Sascha, this has a touch of genious !


Searching 40 years for a gasket solution for this sloppy
sidedoor I'll try out your suggestion asap.

kind regards



Thank you guys. I will try that out, the door starts to shake at speed.

Kurt in S.A.

Define "at speed". 

Maybe that's the universe telling you to slow down!!

Kurt in S.A.

† Will

I had the same problem with the door rattling. I cut out the outline of the door from a piece of 3mm cork sheet
Then cut out the centre of the oval as shown in the photo and glued the 'gasket' to the door.
It is not original but the door does not rattle or leak now!

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Hello Bill.

:applaus:   excellent.

Mind, the door on my R25/3 tool compartment every now and then starts rattling as well....a clear sign for me to create a new pair on hinge bolts....the original ones are made from steel and their tendency to rust (and subsequently jam the the door at the hinge) has caused the previous owner of by bike to rip out the door and destroy the hinge at the same time....he solved that issue by simply glueing the door into place with silicone and leaving out the wrapping film stuff....no rattling at all, but no use of that box either.

I had rebuilt the hinge back then and replaced the bolts with a pair of brass ones....they are worn down beyond usability within two years, but no more jamming due to rust..

All the best, Taz
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