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Autor Thema: rear drive adjustment  (Gelesen 436 mal)

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Al Capone

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rear drive adjustment
« am: 29 Juni 2020, 00:02:59 »


To provide correct cooperation between two gears I have to use spacer washers that i mark as red in the picture. Can anyone tell me if spacer washer mark as green is needed?

My second question is whether all bearings mark as blue should working only in oil or there should be grease?

BMW Einzylinder-Forum

rear drive adjustment
« am: 29 Juni 2020, 00:02:59 »


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Re: rear drive adjustment
« Antwort #1 am: 29 Juni 2020, 00:38:09 »

Hi Al,
yes, you need the green marked washer(s) in any case. Depending on how thick the washer(s) #12 were required, you have to choose thickness for #11 accordingly.
This is to assure limited axial play on the Ringgear. I suppose you have an R25/3 - the manual recommends max 0,05 mm axial Play, but also no pressure with
mounted lid.
Read this section carefully - in general the drive is recognized to be sturdy - but it's not trivial to achieve a proper drive-pattern, in particular on used gears.
An acceptable drive pattern is much more important than a backlash within specs.
Last year I underestimated this and ruined my pinion-gear within 500 km - all 6 teeth lost a decent chunk on the outer forward  sharp edge.
"Next please"
All 4 bearings in the rear drive were lubricated only by the oil filling.
Don't use any "hypoid-oil", unless your bearings all have steel-cages and the seal-rings were "hypoid-proof". Hard to find the 2 pinion-bearings with steel cages .
Brass or polyamid-cages were more common today - but they don't like hypoid-oil at all.
Choose a "GL3" classified SAE W90 - works for all materials without any risk. No "GL4" or "GL5" or "EP"

Good luck.
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