4 Hole Frankfurter Model Tuel Tap cork Washer

Begonnen von Jollyjester, 28 Februar 2023, 13:51:23

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4 loch Benzinhahn Dichtung 2.5 mm stark

Hello Boys & Girls

I am trying to purchase  2 or 3 cork washers as above for my Frankfurter Model fuel tap on the 1951 R25

I have tried Klaus Faak, but no answer, His web site stops me buying these ( minimum order euro 25.00 = 5 units) because when I try to check out and  pay, the website thinks England is still in the E.U. and wants a VAT number. 

Any ideas or alternative supplier.

I have emailed him direct but no answer. I know his business changed a long while back from Tillsmann.





someone from the forum buys some and sends them to you.
Or you call Klaus Faak (when I ordered something from him, he always called me on the phone....guess the online business ist still somewhat suspicious to him :) and explain (don't know if he speaks English or you German ?)
In any case, I have ordered 2 of those about 2-3 years ago (together with some Bing parts), there was no minimum of 5 required. Maybe the total sum is at 25€ ?. You may have to spend 25€. Still cheap for parts that do not exist anymore...Order something else to bring it up to 25€, or 5 corks, or sell 2-3
BTW: I live in Switzerland, which is also outside EU, no problems


This is the classical situation for DIY. I did that several times. It doesn´t matter if the cork is a natural block or compressed cork. The holes can be done with a revolver plier for making holes in belts, or with a hot nail.
And the bottle of wine is an extra for the mechanic...


Thank You all

For your advise.

I have cut a number of pieces from a champagne cork, 3 mm thick, the with a 'pasty cutter' for sugar paste, cut the circle of cork 23 mm diameter. matched the original, and made the 4 holes with the hole cutting pliers.

Soaked the disk in hot water and fitted to the tap. about 2 pints of petrol, added with the tap Off. Will leave over night and take the R25 outside to turn the tap On, Not wishing petrol to spill / leak inside the garage.

It is worth try. a new Frankfurter Model tap is euro 45.00 +

Q?. frage? In the USA they EAT these fuel taps, in  a bread roll, !!!


Because they are a Frankfurter !!!

Ho Ho.  Or Not. A German Joke is no laughing matter.

short recent story
I was taking to a  BMW Rider with New Bike recently, he was in his 60-70's Told  me he was was military at Rheindallen. Monchengladbach, and bought his 1st BMW from the local Dealer'
'Oh ' answered, 'Was the Eduard Hammer?
'Yes, how did you know that'?
" I  would visit his shop every Saturday afternoon to look at the motorcycles Names I did not know, Victoria, Horex, nice bike, NSU etc. I lived there Feb 62 -63 and worked in Bismark Str.



possible and worth a try.
But I think the part from Faak is rubber cork, not champagne cork  :)
anyway, you can buy rubber cork sheets in 2 or 3 mm or sometimes even 2,5 mm(the ideal thickness for the Everbest Torpedo and I think for the Frankfurter tap, too. Then punch out the holes
But you'll spend time in the workshop worth more than ordering it for 5€ apiece


Thank You Rolf and every one else. I have found this;


3 mm x 100x 100 mm . £2.50 free post

That will make 16 pieces @ 24 x 24 mm.

The champagne cork, did not work !!

The BMW became 'besoffen' ( drunk )



the nitril rubber is fine. Whether 3mm fits you will see, else sandpaper it down to 2,5 mm


Zitat von: rolf.soler am 28 Februar 2023, 18:55:47But you'll spend time in the workshop worth more than ordering it for 5€ apiece

But this is PAW (Pay And Wait). I prefer BAD (Build And Drive)  ;D .



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