Sir Laurence Olivier & BMW Motorcyles

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Sir Laurence Olivier and BMW.

On retiring to bed each evening I try to read for perhaps ½ an hour, which clears all the Daily
Happenings, Lights out, and it is tomorrow.

A good source of books that one may well not have considered is, for me, my local Tesco
Supermarket in March. A 'Charity stall' displays books donated by customers. Donate a £1.00 or
more and take the book, then return if you wish.

I recently picked up 'Confessions of an Actor', published 1982 and written by 'Sir' Laurence Olivier.
Being 'In the Business' myself for over 50 years, Film, T.V and Stage, (Variety) still an Equity Member.
Felt this will suit.

Imagine my surprise when on page 129 chapter Six, time frame 1940 ish,Title.  'Called to Arms' the three
letters 'BMW ', Jumped of the page; Thus;

"I had been very lucky in finding a bungalow only two or three miles from the aerodrome.
Uniformed people had a certain swing with the petrol rationing , especially for motorcycles. I ran a
BMW, and very nice too. Ralph ( Richardson ) , a motorbike king, was grander with his 4 cylinder
New Imperial !"
The Station was HMS Kestrel, the 'Royal Navel Air Station' at Worthdown, 4 miles north of Winchester.

Sir Ralph Richardson was another Very Fine Actor.

So, two questions? Is that a 'slip of the brain?' 4 cylinder New Imperial. Next, If you have a late
1930's BMW and the old Buff Log Book has the Name 'Olivier. L.' let us know. Imagine an R5 or R51


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