Repro Everbest Fuel Tap

Begonnen von Jollyjester, 21 März 2022, 09:33:09

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I my BMW Club UK&I Archivist role I have been asked in the new repro Everbest Fuel tap, as fitted to say the R50, is 'good value for money'? They retail here in England at about £54.00.

Anyone have experience please?




Hi Robert,

these petcocks are surely stuff made in China. You can buy these ones at alibaba and aliexpress.
Casting quality is good - I am not sure whether the seals can stand for a long time (depending on the quality of the fuel (alcohol inside). But the inner seal can be changed.

Price can be lower - if you buy 10 or 20 units from China - but I don´t know the amounts of tax and transport.

Prices for the "Everbest-Torpedos" in German stores are in the same magnitude.

Hope that helps - best regards

Leben und Leben lassen


Never drive with alcohol inside  ;D
The "new" everbests are fake news for sure... Does not mean that they don't work (I'm writing this on a Chinese made Apple MacBook... ;D
But I think you're better off with an old real Everbest with replaced cork and gaskets

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