Fitting taper rollers to R26 steering head.

Begonnen von BSA Bob, 26 Dezember 2021, 05:37:13

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Can someone point me to posts about installing taper roller steering head bearings to an R26? I'm sure there's stuff here but I can't find it.
The inner race of the lower bearing is a slightly loose fit on the fork steering head. No play but just loose enough to rotate.
Looking around I see Loctite 609 is recommended for this. Any opinions?


Kurt in S.A.

The bearings are special size at 51 x 34 x 12 mm.  Could that be part of the issue?

Kurt in S.A.


Hi Kurt
The bearings are the correct type, sourced from a BMW supplier.
The inner race is a light press fit on the fork stem, when pressure's applied it rotates.

Kurt in S.A.

OK.  I never went to any dealer for my bearings.  I got mine supplied by Vech at Bench Mark Works in the US.  I understand that Huggett offers them.

If it is the right part, then something must be wrong dimensionally with the stem.  Have you measured the location where the bearing is supposed to seat?  Since there is very little movement of this particular bearing, you could probably get away with the right Loctite product.

Kurt in S.A.


Hi Kurt,
honestly I got no experience in particular with the stearing head bearing. But recently I had to deal with a loose pinion gear on a 5mm shaft (RC-Car 1/8 ~ 3K watts)
Browsing the web I found that loctite 638 retaining compound has an even better (bigger) gap fill (0,15 to 0,25 mm ) than the 648.
That should do the job.

Think outside the box !


There has been some discussion about glueing steeringhead bearings in the German part of this forum. Usually the problem is the fit of the outer bearing race in the frame, especially the upper one is often a poor fit. It seems that even some reknown framebuilders will grind down the outer bearing race a little and then glue it in place. The idea is to apply the glue, immediately install the whole steering mechanism and let it dry. this ensures everyting sits in the right place and orientation when the glue sets.

I would us normal Loctite retaining compound 648 in your case.

Here is a link to one of these discussions. You can find them with a search for "Lenkkopflager kleben". Maybe google translate makes it understandable.


Good, the Loctite 609 I used seems to've done its job. The bearing race is now secure. I assembled the fork in the frame, took it out again to check & all is well. Now it's in properly.
I don't have the equipment to measure this accurately. But I offered up the old ball race & it seemed like it would be a good fit, so the new taper race
must be slightly smaller.


What I meant to say in the previous post is, of course, that the new taper roller must have a slightly larger inner diameter if it's a looser fit. Stupid boy.
Thanks for the replies & suggestions.

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