Need repop Veigel speedometer for 1938 R51 sources, please

Begonnen von KJO, 14 November 2021, 19:25:22

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I have a restored 1938 R51 that used a reproduction Veigel no longer works and repair is probably more expensive than a new reproduction.  Unfortunately, I do not know the original source -- someone thought it might have been out of Poland....

Any help is appreciated...



Thanks so much Gerrit -- I will investigate those....

Certainly appreciate to prompt response!!

Freedom, Indiana

Kurt in S.A.

I see you're in the US.  Have you contacted any of the repair shops here?  There's one in Austin, TX, name is Overseas Speedometer.  Also Joel Levine in Atlanta as well as Joe's Speedometer in Reseda CA.

Kurt in S.A.


Thanks Kurt -- I have been in touch with all of the above ...Joe's does not work on them and Joel can fix but repair will be several times the price of a new repop...


Gerrit -- I am having issues trying to contact the Hungary seller due to being in the USA...?  I tried to register on eBay but process requires a phone number for text verification and US number is not a possibility...any way for you to send me the sellers email address so that i can contact him..?

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