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Greetings from the UK.
I have just recently acquired a 1964 R27, it has been in storage for some time so will need a little work before returning to the road.


The motorcycle in the background is a NSU 251 OSL



Hello John.

Welcome to our forum and congrats for acquiring that you happen to know anything about the bike's history apart from been in storage?

Kind regards, Taz
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Thank you Taz.
First owner the German Police,
Exported to Tanzania, Aug 1974, Used by Benedictine missionary.
Imported in to England Nov 1996,
Largely restored and registered July 2000.
Sold Dec 2000,
Carburetor replaced with one from a R60/6,
sold again Mar 2003,
Engine sent to Holland for rebuild, sold again 2008,
Seems to have done less that 40 Km since 2008
Steel rims replaced with alloy 2019.
Acquired by me June 2021,
Now road legal, but have not ridden very far (just around local roads),
Wiring is a bit suspect, I think there has been an "home electrician" at work,
Tyres where the wrong size (3.50x18) front replaced with new 3.25x18 with an improved tread pattern,
Voltage regulator was replaced with an electronic type back in 2000, doesn't seem to work that well, electronics have moved on a lot in the last 20 years.
The machine was part of a private collection, on display, not being used.
Luckily quite a lot of history came with the machine. 


Hello and a warm welcome from me too.
I am also a newbie to this forum. Have fun restoring your BMW.
But by the way, what's the round about the headlight bucket?


That's the place where the tax disk used to go, proving you did pay your road tax (KFZ-Steuer in Germany), similar to the town/county sticker on a German license plate...these days no longer needed as the UK does that electronically...

and....vehicles older than 40 years and registered as historic vehicles don't have to bother with road tax or MOT at all... ;D
Ich hab noch nie einen Sarkasmus vorgetäuscht

auf Tour:

Zipfelreise (2019)
Cymru "Radnor Revivals" (2016)
Alba "Isle of Skye" (2013)
Austria Großglocknerhochalpenstrasse (2012)
Alba "Spittal of Glenshee" (2011)


Yes, it's as Taz says for the tax disk. Although no longer needed in the UK many people with old bikes retain them. Sometimes with reproduction from the time of first registration, also many clubs issue roundels with the their club logo to use in place. ( I have put one in from the Vintage Motorcycle club).
Monday I went for my first ride on the machine only for the exhaust ring to fall off around 100m from home. Walked back home to get a large pair of grips. Fell off again before I got home again, but I had the grips with me so no real problem.

Should there be a gasket/sealing ring here? If so it was lost somewhere along the road, however I plan to put one anyway so I have ordered  2 (one spare) and the proper "C" spanner to do the ring up


Hello John.

:kopfhau: Yes, there would be a gasket (copper) under normal circumstances...

Make sure to tighten perferably if the cylinder head is cold and don't overdo it...once that thread is ruined it can be restored (at least on the continent), but it takes some time and a fair amount of money....

Kind regards, Taz
Ich hab noch nie einen Sarkasmus vorgetäuscht

auf Tour:

Zipfelreise (2019)
Cymru "Radnor Revivals" (2016)
Alba "Isle of Skye" (2013)
Austria Großglocknerhochalpenstrasse (2012)
Alba "Spittal of Glenshee" (2011)


Howdy John,
Yes, a seal is intended there. Concerning the C-Spanner I'd like to point out, that improper match often is the root-cause for damaged thread on the exhaust stub.
That happens, when the gudgeon is slightly too long. It rides on the ridges of the thread then and flattens them down. I'd check that and grind off the gudgeon a bit,
if necessary. Prevents you from having to spend ~ 100 bucks for the thread repair in the future.  ;)
It's quite common for the 250 cc beemers to shake off the sleeve nut. The most frequent root-cause (apart from damaged threads and missing seal )
is improper exhaust mounting. Consider the R27-engine is completely rubber mounted, thus the exhaust has to follow any oscillation and must be able to do so.
Therefore you have the lower pipe-holder, has to be attached to the studs, which also connects the gearbox to the engine. This holder must not be fixed to the
frame by no means ! ( Often observed ) At 2nd there is the rear muffler-mount, consisting of kind of a silent-block, allowing also the muffler to move and swing.
In general it is recommended to start attaching the complete exhaust by the head with the sleeve nut. (all other connections loose or off )
Then see, where the pipe sits without any tension. Then you go ahead with the lower pipe mount, fixing it without forcing the pipe into any offset.
Use washers or whatever is required to tighten it without tension. Finish off with the muffler mount.
Doing so eliminates the risk for the sleeve nut to go "separate ways"
Alternative you could replace the sleeve nut by a finned nut (Sternmutter). You need another particular spanner then, or tighten it with a strap-wrench.
(one of my favourite "on the road"-tools.) Or else, there are finned nuts available to clamp over the plain sleeve nut.
Both provide more heat dissipation and are advisable. ( also an aluminum valve-cover gasket to involve valve covers in cooling surface. )

Best Regards,
Think outside the box !


Good Morning John

You may or may not be a Member of the BMW Owners Club UK&I ?

One contributor to the answers above is 'our' New Vintage Register Secretary. I am the DVLA Officer for BMW's 1930 - 1979, also the Archivist and we have info on most models, which may / will help you.

You may also not be over familiar with BMW's R27's for instance. I qualify that by 'forgetting' the copper washer on the exhaust joint Easily done in the 'heat of the moment ' and ambitions to get 'out on the road'

Finned exhaust clamps are available, but as others have said here, requite the 'correct' tool to tighten. I have finned fitment over the exhaust clamp nut on my 1951 R25, an 'after market' item from the 1960's but the engine is more R50s than R25 !

You, or any one else come to that can contact me if you so desire

My BMW association goes back to the mid 1940's, and personally 1963


As an aside, we had a New Forum member this week from Monchengladbach.

Sir, can you visit Konditorei Café Heinemann in Bismarck Str.91.  I left a coat hanger there in 1963, in the changing room, when I left. Enquire if they still have it please, marked 'Englander' ?



Thank you people for the advise, will report back in due course


And Robert forgot his buns there. Please ask as well.  ;D
Ariel motorcycles... upon which the sun never sets.


Sorted out my exhaust, only the first gasket I ordered although it worked it turned to be a little on the thick side (5.5mm) meant that the exhaust ring would no screw on as much as I would have wished.

The two different exhaust gaskets
The second attempt using a copper gasket at only 2mm thickness gave a better result.

Exhaust back it place, "wired" in place.


it looks lke you took a flat gasket instead of a hollow one



Hello John,
I've not been on the forum for ages and just saw your post today, congratulations, lovely bike. Whereabouts are you in Oxfordshire, I'm in a neighbouring county, Wiltshire, (Devizes). Do you plan to go to any BMW ride outs or perhaps we could confuse everyone at Cassington :)

Bob Denman

Hello John and Chris, I also have a R27, infact 2 of them. I live in North west Surrey. would love to meet up sometime when it's a bit warmer.

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