Day Time Running Lights

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Has anyone fitted LED Daytime Running Lights ?

I find riding my 1951 R25, even with the headlight on high beam, and wearing  a Hi-Viz Yellow Vest ( Rotary International Logo ) car drivers in this area, 'The Fens' Eastern England, seem oblivious, just do not see in their mirror, the fact a motorcycle is following some distance behind.

The link, is to a 'One Man Band' trader, but, has a good reputation and been in business for very many years, lists these.

They have too, it seems, run direct from the battery, not the generator. I suppose just wire into the ignition switch ?

Comments welcome. Or alternative outlets you may have used.

Keep our BMW's original, YES, but also safe and visible in today traffic





my opinion:

Meanwhile most car drivers are blind and don't use any mirrors or turn their heads to observe the following traffic. So why make your bike more visible?

The best life insurance is that you drive ahead and carefully by yourself. It mostly works...

Just my two pennys....  ;)

Ariel motorcycles... upon which the sun never sets.


Hello Robert.

Thanks for this interesting idea. Apart from the "keep it original" vs. "being safe in today's traffic" there is another thing to be kept in mind especially in Germany. The overwhelming part of the Police and the local MOT counterpart forces are very keen on making sure that all vehicles are equipped only with E- (or the preceding K ~~~~)- marked items - so using these special daylight LEDs might spark the occasional argument.

I basically stick to Heiko's approach: making sure that you are always on the safe side by avoiding car-crowded main roads and always, always acting as if everyone around you might be massively retarded. Add a habit of not insisting on having ROW if this could put you in jeopardy and chances are you will be able to return home safely at the end of the day.

Another tuppence ;D

Aw ra best, Morag

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here
My heart's in the Highlands, a-voiding the deer


Thank you Gentlemen for your answers.

That has always been my 1st consideration. Where I live, The Fens, the secondary roads are just one-up for Cart Tracks. Narrow, usually with a very deep dyke running alongside.

Problem is, people have these huge 4x4 vehicles, and treat these road as motorway, feeling, mistakenly, 'safe' inside and travel at speeds far in excess of safety. Oncoming vehicle are 'with you' before the driver can blink. The 'run off' from the road to drowning is usually less than 3 feet.

( use feet and inches for when Brexit happens !!!!, we will the revert )

I can understand about Police in Germany, but, I am in England, and if you see a Policeman, you can get headlines in the local newspaper, and invite the neighbours' round to celebrate.

Thanks for your input


Good morning Robert.

Thanks for putting my concerns in the right perspective and making my day start with a happy grin on my face.

So please correct me if I am mistaken but if I get it right even these daytime running lights will only buy you a very limited amount of additional security, given your earlier statement about already riding with headlight on high beam and a safety vest that would allow an observer on the moon following you even with standard binoculars.

Did you ever consider using a high attached pennant and one or two grenade launchers (bolted on Mad Max style)? These might be much more helpful in this respect, although with a considerable impact on the original look of the bike.

Up in the North the single track roads are a little less dangerous (execpt during tourist or rutting season).

Aw ra best, Morag
My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here
My heart's in the Highlands, a-voiding the deer


LED lights are impossible to see in the sun (this might not be a problem in the UK due to us Australians taking most of the planets sunshine) - I would stick to using incandescent globes as they work best in all types of ambient light.

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