Help in fitting a Pegusa rubber cover

Begonnen von Jollyjester, 29 April 2014, 11:03:26

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I am the very lucky owner of a 1951 R25, 237141. I came to England in May 1951. I bought 'The Little Horror '(der kleine Horror ) in 1964, it cost £10.00. D.M 120.00. My Mother gave it the name.
At that time I owned an R50S, so, in the 'folly of youth' fitted a 50S ( 9.5 -1 ) piston, 1.1/8 th Amal Carb, re profile camshaft, to match R50S timings. Lightend flywheel, rev counter. I went to 7.200 !!, but would not stop. So a Norton Dominator front wheel / brake.

I sold it in 1985, then bought back in 07. The last owner put it in his 'museum', but did not run or ride.

Now the restoration to original splender is just about finished, but, I need guidance on fitting the Pegusa rubber seat cover. A friend bought the cover at Mannheim. Any tips?

I lived and worked in Monchen-Gladbach, Feb -62 -63 as Konditor, at Konditorei Cafe Heinemann.  Very happy days.

BMW's have been in my family for 75 years. My Father owned an R5, as did I, 1968 – 86, now in the USA.
The Jolly Jester.



Hello "Jolly Jester"

yes, there are a lot of tips  :)
Have a look at our "Tipps & Tricks"-area:

Link: "Satteldecken bespannen"  (in english language)

It isn´t so difficult. As Mark Hugget wrote:  "2 pints of beer, a bowl of Swiss muesli, and more muscle than brains does the job."   ;D

Greetings from Frankfurt
Support this Board: Wer das Forum unterstützen möchte, kann das gerne per PAYPAL machen. Und hier findet Ihr meine Amazon Wunschliste.


Thank You Everyone.

This afternoon, with the aid of a vice, a seat frame to hold the curved rear seat metal frame, and an old screw jack, circa 1950, + hot soapy water, I was able to stretch the rubber Pegusa cover to fit as you can see.  The last one failed after 60 years, so this will do all I want, and my grand children.
Thanks Mark Huggett, no bier, but a bottle of Australian Red tonight.

Robert Freeman


Hi Robert,
it seems that somehow you got the rubber on. It is really not difficult as long as you know how to do it. Hot water or to bake in an oven at stupid-a-temperature or whatever other funny tricks are available is definitely not required. Just try the following link:

Might be useful for the future, and for other users of this forum as well.

Tom/South Africa
umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu


Du bist im Recht; nun sieh zu, wie du da wieder heraus kommst. (v. Chamisso)
Lieber Einzylinder als zwei Fallschirme (v. mir)

† Will

Zitat von: cledrera am 09 Mai 2014, 07:33:53
Great link.
Thanks, Tom
Hi Tom, I agree with Clemens, a very helpful link which I've saved as a Word document in English.

A very warm welcome to Robert (Jolly Jester) who has wide experience with the older BMW's.
R25/3 + R65LS. The R27 has found a new home.
I was not lost, my GPS just found a different way back.


Zitat von: Jollyjester am 29 April 2014, 18:13:42
The last one failed after 60 years, so this will do all I want, and my grand children.
don't count on it...comtemporary rubber is not what it used to be...hopefully only your grandchildren will find out how much worse  ;D


R 25 seat pivot assembly.
Fortunately this now expensive assemble has stayed with the R25 though out its life. So the question is, does t assembly pivot and turn inside the frame lug, or is it tightened up and the seat support bolt turn inside the assembly.
There are 2 holes in the frame lug for oil? And parts lists have a grease nipple. But there does not seem to be a thread. The two holes are 3 mm.
Frame is 23714x

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